Recent Projects

Jacksonville, NC

New Pool Installation in Jacksonville, NC

Aviva Luxe 35’x15’5” Pool
3’11”-6’2” Depth
Tahiti Blue
3 Lights in pool 1 in spa
SPA heater Electric
Saltwater/ Cartridge filter
Silver Travertine Coping 116 Lft
Concrete deck
390 sq ft pool deck
Equipment pad

Emerald Isle, NC

Emerald Plantation is a recent commercial remodel job. Once the job is finished, they will have gotten updated tile, new step tile, plaster, coping, and new skimmers. They chose a modern 1x1 tile that ties into the new coping and commercial plaster.

We began this project with the demolition of plaster and tile. Once the pool is completely bare, we replace plumbing products if necessary, install the new waterline tile, step tile, install new coping and apply the new plaster. After completion, the pool will be filled and receive a 28-day chemical start-up from our pool tech, Tim.

Emerald Isle, NC

Pace is a residential pool remodel we are working on. The process for this job is replacing coping, tile, and plaster. We are currently installing their custom-picked tile with a modern wave pattern tile and a complimentary quartz sky blue plaster. They also chose to upgrade to a modern Artisan Handrail, color-changing LED lighting, and a beautiful Ivory travertine coping.

Hubert, NC

The Willman family had a Sun Pools, Havana fiberglass pool in a tropical shimmer finish installed onto their property, one of our biggest pools! The upgrades they purchased to adorn their pool were ivory travertine coping and deck jets. When placing fiberglass pools, we dig the hole to exact measurements to ensure a firm and flat layout for the pool. The pool gets set into the hole meticulously, plumbed, and backfilled before the concrete patio for both lounge space and holding the pool in the ground.  After the concrete has cured and their pool has gone through the chemical and cleaning process, clients can finally enjoy their brand-new swimming pool!

Sea Isle Indian Beach, NC

This is a residential remodel of a concrete pool. New tile was selected for the waterline and stairs. A Tahiti plaster was applied to accentuate the subway tile. We installed new lights, a handrail, ladder and new main drain covers. Now this pool matches the beauty of the home.

Emerald Isle, NC

This was a former customer who wanted to upgrade his pool space. After meeting and discussing what design aspects were going to suit his needs and goals, a 3D rendering was done that elevated the space. We added freeform concrete to increase the footprint and give an outdoor grilling area. Over 100 plants were added, as well as a drip system for ease of maintenance.

Sneads Ferry, NC

The customer purchased this home with a customized pool in mind. They asked for an entertainment space with a pool and a hot tub. We came up with a design and provided a 3D rendering for them. After selecting their products and finishes, their backyard dreams started to come into focus. They chose a Latham fiberglass pool and spa combo with a Ballad waterline tile. An upgraded Scabos travertine coping was installed around the pool and a spray deck on the remaining concrete decking. We also installed a custom Nexan powder-coated pergola to provide a shaded area and extended their current back deck to provide ample entertaining space.

Our Other Services

We also specialize in maintenance, pool covers, repairs, and lighting effects.

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